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USS Liberty link

In 1967 during the Six Day War between Israel and the Arab States, Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats supported by helicopters and amphibious assault forces attacked the American intelligence ship USS Liberty in international waters for 75 minutes. The attack was coordinated by Israeli headquarters ashore and was preceded by several hours of low-level reconnaissance. Thirty-four men died and 174 were wounded. The government of Israeli claims the attack was a result of error and misidentification. Jim was Officer-of-the-Deck when the attack started, and is author of Assault on the Liberty (Random House, 1980; Ballantine paperback 1986) which tells the story.

The attack has been a matter of controversy since 1967. Survivors and many key government officials including Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer say the attack was no accident. Two Israeli officers have come forward to admit that the attack was no accident. Yet the Israeli government and its supporters insist it was a "tragic case of misidentification" and charge that survivors and their eyewitness supporters are lying.

Jim's USS Liberty Page presents part of the story along with some historical information and related files.

Don Marquis

The creator of Archy & Mehitabel, Freddy the Rat, Warty Bliggens the Toad,
Hermione, The Old Soak and other timeless American treasures

Donald Robert Perry Marquis 1878-1937, was a newspaper columnist, humorist, poet, and author of about 35 books of which the best known are books of humorous poetry about Archy the cockroach and Mehitabel the cat. Don still had enough fans in 1978 that several dozen people assembled in Port Townsend, Washington, to celebrate his 100th birthday. The group published Don's only known unpublished play, "Everything's Jake," in honor of the occasion.

Although not related to Don, Jim's middle name is Marquis because his father, James Marquis Ennes, was named after Don's father, Dr. James Marquis. Jim was named after his father. The Ennes and Marquis families were neighbors for many years in Walnut, Illinois, where Don was raised.

Don's Page offers samples of some of Don's work. We are presently working with Gutenberg Press to publish several of Don's works electronically. When that is done, we will provide direct electronic links from Don's Page.

Jim's Genealogy Page

Ennes/Ennis/Ennest/Innes/Lemkau family genealogy


Jim's mother, Margaret Lemkau Ennes, devoted more than 35 years to serious genealogical research. Jim has continued her work through various online services, and has identified several hundred people who descend from early Ennes ancestors, Wilhem Ennes and his wife, Cornelia Viervant, who lived in Ulster County, New York, in the early 1700s.

Jim's Genealogy Page provides links to genealogy servers and some files that may be of interest to our many cousins who are researching common lines.

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